The Hum can bring much than the naked eye only can see. For example, through the experience of the engine/fly sound, that seems to collaborate with activities from planet Earth. Mostly when the sound and vibrations escalates drastically immediately it does so when there is increases in seismic activity on the planet. Presenting the plausible explanation that the low-pitched tremble is caused by activities from the interior of the planet. A few can(?) by feeling and listening to the sound know approximately where or towards what direction the hotspot of sudden increased activity might occur. Some might advise a hum´er to avoid the sounds and the experience, but that would be unwise.  Try to understand it instead ,might aswell since you already hear it..Perhaps finding a balance is a good idea, as in most things. As with the seismic activity connection. Such a hypothesis is yet to be proven. (; Important to notice aswell is that Earthquakes happens all the time, not all are hazardous and dangerous. If you are or think you are a hum´er be also carefull to draw to drastic conclusions, the sound is perceived differently from across the globe. The idea behind the website is to bring more information to other hum´ers. Mostly regarding the recording of the Hum. After reading on forums and other blogs other hum´ers are in many cases desperately looking for answers or for a way out from the whole experience, which is very understandable since it can, quite frankly be a bi ch. But after seeing interviews with hum´ers displayed in the MEDIA page, and after my own experience I´ve noticed that understanding gives a sense of calmness worth having. myself I am not announcement of the entire experience.
It should be mentioned that it is possible that the sound described as increases  ( in seismic activity) could technically be a different sound but from the same “branch”. The “distant constant tremble ” could be the actual movement in the core, where the sound waves bounce to the atmosphere and back to the surface.  The  “distant constant diesel sound” could of course come from another unmentioned source all together aswell. The Hum that has been recorded is the distant constant engine sound, and is at around 56 Hz, humans hear between 20 – 20 000 Hz, but not usually at the lower or higher frequencies. Sounds from sismic activities are infrasounds. As mentioned in “A listener of the hum?” from the menu, as also mentioned by other, the overall Hum experience is different from person to person and one can perceive and interpret the sounds differently from one another. Aswell it is hard to diffuse the sounds and easy to confuse. If you are a hum´er or think you are, don´t rush into conclusions, take your time. Scientists estimates 2 % of the planets population hear the Hum.

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Animals sense seismic activity and sudden increases.

“Animals predicts sudden increase in seismic activity” MSNBC news
Elephants, a 6:th sense for tsunamis? RadioNetherlands
“Frogs predicts earthquakes”
-The Observer                                                                                                                      
BBC News                                                                                                                                                   
“Snakes predicts earthquakes”
BBC News                                                                                                                                                    
National Geographic – Can animals predict earthquakes

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In the Kokomo investigation, (see STUDIES from menu, scientist mention the unexpected link between seismic activity and the Hum

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Epoch Times ; article.  “Chinese man predicts earthquake”.    

Quote from article: “According to Zhu, every time a quake is going to happen, he can feel a rhythmic vibration in one of his acupuncture points, along with the sound of an engine starting”
(Zhu mention nothing that gives signs he is aware of the hum.) –  (click) Epoch Times

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There are a few sounds describd a humming noises. Below is one of such. Weather this is the humming noise talk over on this website is still to be investigated.

Earth´s Hum. –  (click)
Mother Nature calls                                                                                                                                                                       ..”Strange as it may seem, the Earth’s atmosphere continuously rings out in a chorus of frequencies just below the reach of the human ear. This phenomenon is expressed at the Earth’s surface as “infrasonic” waves – that is, waves with frequencies ranging 0.01–10 Hz – that are known to exist from acoustic recordings around the globe.  Until now, however, researchers have been unable to link variations in the Earth’s hum with features in the mantle. This is largely because of the complicated processes involved the hum’s generation and the presence of various other sources of ambient seismic noise..”

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Earth´s Hum Berkley Edu. – (click)
Abstract                                                                                                                                                                                            ..”The Earth undergoes continuous oscillations, and free oscillation peaks have been consistently identified in seismic records in the frequency range 2-7 mHz, on days without significant earthquakes. The level of daily excitation of this ‘hum’ is equivalent to that of magnitude 5.75 to 6.0 earthquakes, which cannot be explained by summing the contributions of small earthquakes. As slow or silent earthquakes have been ruled out as a source for the hum (except in a few isolated cases), turbulent motions in the atmosphere or processes in the oceans have been invoked as the excitation mechanism. We have developed an array-based method to detect and locate sources of the excitation of the hum. Our results demonstrate that the Earth’s hum originates mainly in the northern Pacific Ocean during Northern Hemispheric winter, and in the Southern oceans during Southern Hemispheric winter. We conclude that the Earth’s hum is generated by the interaction between atmosphere, ocean and sea floor, probably through the conversion of storm energy to oceanic infragravity waves that interact with seafloor topography”..

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